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i saw kill bill last night, & it was phenomenal. quentin taretino making the seventies chick-fight flick he always wanted to see- plus the addition of animie blood spurts. i can't really rave about this movie enough. the fact that tarentino is making more movies in the same vein is good, solid news. how often are they coming out, i wonder? at least i'll have something to look forward to besides a dubious star wars once the matrix & lord of the rings are finished. anyhow, i predict alot of people will be playing fighters who specialize in the spiked chain, huh? kuriyama was my favorite in battle royale (besides of course the psychopathic sid vicious kiriyama, who she is not to be confused with) & gogo was fun as hell too. i don't get why everyone says she's so hot a hell, with her weird ass nose, but i do think she is very disctinive to look at.

so kill bill is really great & i could watch that sort of thing alot. watching movies in new york is completely diffrent than the ohio movie watching experiance. crowds are alot more animated, in that "black theater" cliche way. pretty bad ass fun, if you ask me. anyhow, we missed agenesis before the film & jon, one of my dnd guys, after the movie. which worked out, because jenny thought it best if i rest, since i was all up & about today. though alot of that up & about was just wasting time in time's square waiting for the movie to start.

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