mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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cut out the eye of the sky.

the cast iron belly of the golem drove it, but what terrible intellect COMPELLED it? was its clock work mind the result of some fiendish construction, springs wound tight by the perilous genius of some dastardly creator? what grandmother's porch did he swing those leaden feet from? did the golem's childhood involve a lemonaide stand? arsenic & old lace as the school play? why was rabbi crying with his hand stuffed into his drawers?

indoors, silent, we eat pie, slice by slice. the seeds coating the berries glisten like barely macroscopic beetles, carapaces catching the light like i catch gingerbread men. under boot heels. the black leather shining from so much spit. slow fingers searching out notes on guitars, while inside parasites curl into hooks. your whole sitcom turned into a slasher flick the moment i stepped into this room.

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