mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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oh boy it gets eaten. how the hell hounds howl. it hits the air like a sound trepaning. oh lord i'm coming after you. i compare things to irish. probably things about heaven, or about cans of beer opening. you fucking suggest that its the same thing & you'll see what a cripple in a fight looks like. i can't stop imaging the hues all david lynch. give me my red curtain, fuckers. oh eat away my text, you locust of time. i compared the scissors of a can to john the baptist & you. there is all this fire in boxes. eye of newt. fuck i. i've got a me & it's m. if i had real cojones, i'd write "m" everytime m meant to write "i." it would be pretentious, sure, but honest. as honest as edgar allen poe's bones.

oh & my little sister has a livejournal: evilqueenl.

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