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current dnd cravings, & the why.
fiend folio. i wanna get all fingers, all over it's body, & pick apart all the clock work that makes the monsters tick. i want to see how the "level adjustment" plays too ecl. i want to get race & monster features. frankenstein eyes graveyards the way i eye ff. rise, my creations, thats what i'll yell, you'll see.

epic level handbook. mostly? the epic monsters make a good play for my deities. fuck st. cuthbert. give me an umbral blot or a atropal any day of the week. in fact, both of those monsters are pretty good starts for demiurges, the way baalzebub was. plus, whatever, at least there will be discussions of high powered games.

call of cthulu, d20. re: above? if i'm thinking that the hektonchire might have good stats for a lovecraftian god, uh, i bet that i'll be even more impressed by azathoth. & even if it doesn't get any better than "squamous blast," it will still give me a shitload of corrupt spells. the lack of any class & race mods makes this choice less tantalizing as a considered buy. good thing i'm prince impulse shopper.

d20 modern. well, since the whole deconstruction of the class thing is there, i figure i might as well own it- at the very least comes equiped with plenty of edges. & it might give me some new ideas on firearms, though i think i like my current, albeit borrowed, set up.

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