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you want to know a good cornor stone reason for a modern antipaladin? i'm talking about a single axiom that a philosopher could spin into an entire villianous ideology. here it is. you know that "pete & repeat were in a boat. pete fell out, who was left?" joke? yeah, the reason everybody in america knows that joke is because bob sagat's america's funniest home videos featured it. if you didn't see it there, if you heard it from another person? the overwhelming odds are that the genesis of their having heard is was america's funniest home videos.

called my high school because hunter wants my high school transcripts. i have to fax them a release letter & the address of the admissions office. no big deal. i also talked to the anestesia place about my medicaid pending. talked too, too long because the lady kept trying to explain the concept of confidentiality to me based on my small-talk-chit-chat i was making as she pulled up my records. oh, & i got together stuff for getting a real new york bank account. go you hideous marianette, go!

my current playable dnd races are as follows:
arachne, humans, elves (crown, gallows, throne), dwarves, goblins (goblins, hobgoblins, flukes), witches, & woses.

my current dnd mundane classes are as follows:
demagogue, dragoon, nonpareil, scofflaw, woodsman.

my current dnd supernatural classes are as follows:
acolyte, antinomist, cabalist, cenobite, dabbler, shaman.

my current dnd preternatural classes are as follows:
domino, hayyoth, memuneh, sephira, malakim

my current dnd divine classes are as follows:
myrmidon, eidolon.

still working out cohesion between the races & the classes. i know traditional dnd philosophy is that any race & class combination should work, but it doesn't hang with my universe. an elf can't be a cenobite because no god would take him. a human can't be a sephira, because he has no name to exploit. the racial classes that monte cook has in arcana unearthed are intresting, especially when coupled with the racial classes for the traditional dnd races (including humans), but i don't think i really like them. i was tempted to use them for some races, but decided i didn't like that; the way i like them is in a sort of all-or-nothing capacity. i am working on revisions for my elves: ideally, i'd like them around ecl +1, & lowering their SR to 3 + character level goes along way towards helping that. giving a spell caster of equal level to you a 1 in 10 chance of failing to effect you with a spell is no big deal for balance, but helps with the flavour of the race.

i toy every now & again with the thoughts of a large or small race. the only theoretically playable large or small pcs in the current thinking are various goblin flukes, like gremlins or trolls. i guess the big problem here is that in my game, humans are the dominant species of the world. below ground the dwarves & the goblins have their kingdoms, but those are not readily visible to the casual observer. arachne, elves, witches & woses are all in their own seperate enclaves. if i tried to invent, say, giants, i'd have to rethink the whole shebang- just conceptually, they arn't small enough to escape notice. theoretically, sure, giants could live in the mountains & no one would know. but thematically, it wouldn't hold up. i also think about gnomes or some other small race. basically though, that was tolkien's game, so scratch that. the biggest vote for a small race is cornelius, prince caspian's tutor from c.s. lewis' prince caspian.

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