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i was thinking about it last night, & i realized that i am actually more than ten million times (10,000,000x) as likely to destroy the universe than most people. i mean, i've got lunatic ambition, i'm an exceptional individual, & most importantly i actually want to destroy the universe. i think the ratio would be higher, but who am i kidding? right now, dubbyah is a hell of alot more likely to destroy, for instance, the earth.

Mordi is the mouthpiece for planetary annihilation--the PR rep for vast and unmitigated holocaust, if you will. Periods long outlived their usefulness; Mordi's at a whole new level of Full- Stop: He ends his sentences with 20mm anti-material bullets that need a reverse-recoil dampening device so they won't blow off your shoulder when he talks past your head. If you're foolish enough to let your seceretary admit him into the office for a "discussion", store your paperclips inside the desk drawer before he enters--he can pull ninja stars right out of nothing, like raking hands across a frosty window and coming back with snowflakes under your nails, ready to sling. Speaking of slinging, his reload time on those revolvers is what S. King would call "magical". That means he'd burn his fingertips off before letting a temple full of striking cobras get the drop on him. Six plus six shells at a time, six plus six dead cobras. Do the math and you get the time it takes to reduce a Mecca to Set into a snake cemetary. Ok? -the lovely & talented primroseport

yesterday i read the witches by roald dahl for reasearch on my witch race. he did a nice job with his invention. as i've been thinking about my witches, i've started really liking the direction i think i'm going to take them in. as long as "neo-pagans" (read: fat chicks) don't notice! man, i hear that the neo-pagan illuminati controls the society for creative anacronism (sca)! anyhow, i'm slowly altering my elves, too. huh.

jodi, who is an actual, trained dance, said that i "move well" & thinks i know how to dance!
hahahahahahahahahaha oh man. i also read endless nights yesterday. A+

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