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within a <3 beat.

feeling washed away in bed- tireder than anything. i had to get out.
here is what happened yesterday. jenny gave me a blowjob on my way to take a shower. nine came over, because nineof26 is visiting the city of new york. where i live, with skull marbles & things the colour of amber & woad. we played trivial pursuit, which i lost to jenny with dignity. we played risk, which nine won with panache, crushing evil beneath his...uh, faggy elf shoes. then illscientist called us, & directed us to some poetry reading action going on in williamsburg.

poetry reading! in williamsburg! ruh-row shaggy! but there it was, & i said "sure i'll come." because i'm pretty hip to the illscientist- if he says the action will be good, then so it goes, pilgrim. also, i hadn't seen him in a while, & i tend to leap at chances to leave the apartment. on the subject of leaving the apartment, more later.

we put some of ill's jack into coke, & then we went into the poetry reading. here is my opinion on the performers, without any sort of context whatsoever. 1). i guess she was affiliated with "the lucky cat" in some way. she read from her novel, which consisted of bits of lesbian incest strung together. she wasn't my cut of tea, but i don't have any trash to talk about. there was some cybil moment with a coat hanger. yay. she used the word petal as an adjective. 2). i'm trying to remember how #2 was introduced. something like "a self-described transgender femmedyke radical activist" i recall. so uh, at this point, things look grim for our villian. she didn't even read poetry! she read a fuck-you list. like, a whole list that went "& fuck you fags who use the word 'trannie' & also fuck you trannie chasers who grab my ass then grab my dick & also fuck you lesbians who said i'm straight for liking girls & also..." ad fucking nauseum. literally ad nauseum. but more on that after these messages. she used the word petal as a noun. 3). was daphne gottleib, ill's pick, livejournal's own postmaudlin (also the name of her most recent book). she actually had style to her reading, which was nice, not...just the...shatnerpoetrystammer. & her poetry is really well put together conceptually. like, i really dug the one about bf skinner & the one about the ghost, & the one about the drug addicts eviction. she didn't have enough needlessly baroque & flowery prose for my taste, though thats you know, not her fault. she clearly is against that team.

the one thing that really wasn't cool re: my above hints. a couple times during the evening i had to go outside & sit on the curb. i would get dizzy & start overheating. i drank some jack in coke, & a scotch, so it wasn't like i was over-drinking. when i finally sat down it stopped happening. it wass just...i dunno, just that despite looking okay mostly, & having a warmongers gleam in my eye, my body is still in recovery. which sort of dishearted me.

anyhow, i also met a kid named jason, one of ill's friends from the fit. he lives right around here, in park slope. we didn't get a chance to hang out & talk all night so that we could exchange numbers & emails in a non-man crush way, but i did tell him i'd totally hang out with him. hopefully without sounding like a desperate, friendless dork. then:

m: take off your underpants.
jenny: what about you!
m: i need them.
jenny: for space missions?
m: yes.

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