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dnd stuff.

okay, book of exalted deeds isn't out yet, but as a fan of the book of vile darkness, i've got a few fucking opinions. first off, lines like "Many players would just as soon overlook [questions of good & evil], believing they detract from the fun of the game. There's nothing wrong with that." fucking rule. but only with the acrid sting of a player who dropped the entire notion of alignments along time ago.

anyhow, "sanctified" spells? listen, i get that you are trying to make a mirror image, something to show that in your world, good is as strong as evil. thats cute, i'm sure, but you know what a shitty way of saying that is? TRADING IN ATTRIBUTE DAMAGE FOR POWER. oh, no, conceptually i get it. its a ghandi sort of self-mortifying gizmo. thats cool, except "corrupt" spells already happened. you can't borrow team evil's gimmick & just change the name, guys. oh, & letting clerics sponaneously cast any "sanctified" spell? finally clerics are getting the extra tweak they needed. i mean, they were so fucking underpowered before, what with being a spell casting class with a 3/4 base attack bonus progression & two good saves. oh & level abilities like "turn undead." i fucking hate clerics.

oh, anyhow. i am trying to revamp the "outsider" classification in my game world. why is that? well, assholes, its because i figured out something new & exciting for my dnd universe. i'm working on an all new race- the witches. only thing i know about them so far is that they don't cast reflections & that they level in the "outsider" classes, like an elf. which is my current design motiff- the diffrence between the innately supernatural elves (& now, witches) & the other races is reflected in available classes. speaking of classes, i've also got some new ones bubbling somewhere in the back of my head. anyhow, chaositech looks like a good place for tinkers to start ripping off...maybe i'll make a new goblin only racial class, huh? like a true fucking dick.

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