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yesterday was a fucking great girlfriend day. i mean; she was a fussy brat for a little bit, but since she was aware of it she isolated herself, & also i had a new book to page through, so i was pretty well occupied. oh, & the roomates were watching adventures in babysitting. oh & sex sex sex fuck you gulianni, new york is still about the hot fucking.

eventually i got my shit together & went on my adventure. i found the rosemary & informed everyone on the subject of an amusing anecdote involving wortichire sauce. speaking of; i deeply, viscerally enjoy the way "juice" & "goose" rhyme. & call me old fashioned, but if someone says "hail satan," i figure them for a devil worshiper. (read here: i miss the 50s, what with their evil empire).

so then, with a little help, jenny made her famous cajun shrimp dish. famous in large part because the other time i had them, we had sex in our number one (#1!) spot of all time; in a display window in new york city. also famous for tasting real fucking awesome. we ate it & drank & it was cute as hell. then we watched this aweful showgirls show. which was aweful in every way, except i realized something.

fuck anthropology, fuck forensics, fuck i know what my new job is going to be. "argentiniann gaucho." i saw this one, from the seventies (70s), & he was swinging his whip around, & then it turned into a snake. & that was in the seventies (70s)! i bet argentinian gaucho technology has progessed in leap & bounds since then!

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