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dnd fieldtrip day! first off, i went to compleat stratagist, where i purchased arcana unearthed. then i talked to the people working there for about a half an hour (0:30). arcana unearthed is precisely what i wanted it to be; its utterly useless to me as written, but thats cool. because monte cook wrote it so i could look under its hood, tinker around a bit, fiddle with the cauborator. he has racial classes, but in a sort of savage species tack on way that i don't like- i feel like ECLs are better for "superior" races. i am sort of alternatingly taken by his small-tiny metamorphizing fairie people, & sometimes bored by them. most of his races fit the lizardman/catman/wolfman motiff i made a concerted effort to stay away from. the classes though, i really like. or i guess, a better way of saying it is that the classes make me want to invent new classes & tear up the turf. so basically, the book makes me sort of creative in a bubbling cauldron sort of way.

then later i got together with my saturday game. which doesn't seem like it will suck at all. the gamemaster, brian, used "titanomachy" in his little blurb, so that was a good mark in his favor. & there is even a girl! dora, which is like, we had a doree in a game group once & that sucked, but screw it, girls are cool. her boyfriend came, who i will i think refer to as "the king of brooklyn" in my head. when the face-attack came up, he said he knew they neighborhood & that his best friend had fought with "those fucking pollack kids" all growing up. he was adorable over-protective of his girlfriend, but i mean- knowing some gamers, i uh, guess i commend him? the other guy, jon, kind of reminds me of a black haired striking handsome j. i guess he was a big geek due to his speech impediment which he got over? so he's like, adjusted now! he's going to be my big find, i bet; we walked back to his apartment/my subway stop, & he invited me to his like, gamer-life, basically. & not in a secret gay-man way either i think. so go dnd!

then when i got home i totally fucked my girlfriend. so i am alpha geek!

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