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so, last night i went to see school of rock with jenny. that movie is fucking sweet. if you like rocking, or if you like jack black, or even if for some fucking weird reason you like "feel good movies," watch this film. especially if you want to see ten (10) year olds trying to pick fights because jack black taught them about punk rock. or if you want to see the asian piano prodigy dressed in a cape & playing keyboards.

last night i totally had awesome dreams. in the first, i was at some crazy post-apocalyptic roller skating rink? when suddenly, there was some crazy triathalon race across a burning oil derrick. the three events were motorcycle racing, foot racing, & fighting sharks. & i totally came in second, which astonished me, especially at the turn around where the race doubles back? & i got blow past by someone on a motorcyle! at the end, though, i found out it was "champion," the greatest racer of all time. she kept calling me "fencer malice" & tried to convince me to take my army through this technomagical gateway to another dimension rather than try to destroy this one.

in the other dream, i was onboard this futuristic aircraft carrier. i was investigating this alien cloning cult that was supposedly on board, & everytime i had a suspect, they would just jump overboard to their deaths. like, everyone on this ship was involved except a very few. eventually i triggered a self-destruct, when i started finding weird spore generating things that were supposed to be put into place at the planetary atmosphere scrubbers. when the people who were not infected went to the escape pods, the dream got more intresting. the escape pods were little clear plastic-polymer cylinders that, in order to escape the widest setting of "nuclear detonation" which i'd selected, spun really fast & were flung out of the ship at c+ speeds.

so while they spun, the people inside could see time passing at an accelerated rate, under temporal distortion. so they saw the ship explode, & large portions of the pacific rim get infected as the spores were scattered by the blast. then they saw the organic invasion fleet come, & humanity using weapons of planetary destruction as well as the aliens. eventually one of the capsules came spinning down on an antartic peninsula that was still intact. the woman inside checked the radio-archives.

i had abandoned the ship in more conventional methods, somehow. during the course of the war, it was my advice to the world governments that someone with a controled & enhanced infestation of the alien dna lead the resistance against them. after the united earth rejected my plan, & after i had already gone ahead with infecting myself, i proposed to the aliens that the best way to take the earth was to have their forces led by an individual with an enhanced & controlled genome that shared the two species dna. they agreed with me apparently, but not with me. so by this point in the future, the war was between their prince & me, each of us controlling about 1/2 the world. we looked bad ass.

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