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i know that people arn't really supposed to like villiany, or at least what passes for villiany in literature & film. i mean, when i say villian i mean "likes to make girls cry" or "doesn't give a fuck about anybody" or whatever. but i don't know, don't negatopias really make sense? at least as far as personal relationships go. or, i guess i should be less general. more specific.

like, 1984ing everything. at least, i don't know. shouldn't the past be subjected to some intense viccissitudes when you get a new girlfriend or boyfriend? we have always been at war with eurasia, etc. it just seems right. i mean, i want to know the truth, too, but as secrets. i want to be able to lock away the name of her ex-boyfriend & deny it. there is no living past. so why does it writhe so tangibly in the mortuary?

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