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so just a minor pet peeve; or like, a i dunno, just whine. one thing that sucks i'd say about ninety percent (90%). but isn't actually a big deal or something for me to address directly. well, in a general overall sense is that jodi is queen interupter. to degrees that are astonishing; i mean, you are in a the middle of a movie? she'll just come in & talk to you. same thing for a book, a conversation, an anything. this was explained though; or not explained...disclaimed. its already been pointed out that maybe jodi is a psycho when it comes to media, especially movies. so shrug your shoulders frankenstein.

last night though the interupt-a-thon while i was reading was with jenny & her rehashing junior (jr.) high crushes. which is like; what can i say in that situation? i tried to play along twice: once, jenny snidely insisted that i didn't have any dating cred worth sharing (man, i worked hard to get that asexual rep in high school, but that is exactly they kind of thing that gets SECRET MAKE OUT SESSIONS). the other time, i was just talked over. so uh, i got disproprtionally irritated (since i couldn't just turn back to my book), & i went to bed. oh, only after jenny called me a name or something.

i know i was just being a delicate glass boy. mostly because jenny was pretty lingering mad at me when she came home, so we didn't have so much interaction. so right, me going to bed was me trying to be not a baby about things. like, if i'd've gone into our room to read that would have just been perceived as sulking, & had a good chance of actually being sulking. if i would've been able to find a cigarette i was going to smoke that & see if i felt more relaxed & like i could listen to another hour (1:00) of girl talk. but i didn't.

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