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by popular request.

by popular request, the three (3) true things contained in islam.

1. the angel jibril appeared to mohammad.
this is absolutely true, take my word for it. i mean, the situation is totally blown out of proportion, & the details are purposefully misconstrued, but the angel jibril did show up & had a few words for mister (mr.) the prophet. trust me, though, it wasn't fucking pleasent, i assure you!

2. god did tell the angels to bow before adam.
its basically how its said there; i mean, except for the context & implications & all that. i can't give a very good accounting of how that went down, because i'd blow that scene a long time before. so no first hand run down on this one. butress yourself against doubts though, honey. i've got it on good authority. but oh, eblis was definately not a genie. djinn, efrit, whatever. he wasn't.

3. the circumfrence of the universe.
no fucking way, you say? you are mistaken. parliment has spoken up, for real.
i can't say anymore. i've said too much already.

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