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i'm a pinkerton detective.

hollow out today & fill it with tnt, i figure. or an emerald the size of my fist- i'm a whiz with conundrums. corundum, i mean; all sapphire stained oceans & hungry star showers. welcome to day two of battle royale. these are today's danger zones. this is the blue fairy come to turn you into a real boy, or at least grant you a conscience. (now listen here. we're not going to mention judy. as a matter of fact, we're not going to talk about judy at all ). this is the milky fluid used to keep you alive, infused with insulin & everything you think your body needs. (in seven days, you will die). flooding you with opiates.

angels in phone booths, right? calling you black opal, shapening their swords on their wings. telling you to head for the southern oracle, take a left past the rockbiter with such strong hands. (the long road outside of the window, lent back home a certain air of possible escape, a probable dream). a soft shelled crab named adale peters was singing to donna, & wrapped in felt, courting her from her cafeteria tray. (the bodhisatva is beneath the fan. is in the hallway leading to the waiting room. he is crawling away).

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