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nineof26 thinks i'm james bond in dreams.

fuck. i can't drink so i drink coffee cup by cup. like; incoherency counts for poetry, doesn't it? anyhow, i shaved off my sloppy beard. no more hiding this crumpled skull beneath patchy hair. you get used to looking a certain way after a month or more, & then suddenly you look like you are twelve (12) years old. i guess losing about twenty pounds (20 lbs) doesn't help. goodbye muscle mass. now i'm a skinny little highschool kid. fucking great.

i have got plans to meet up with the potential dnd crew. the dm, brian, called me up almost as soon as i emailed him my phone number; he's the king of stutterers. i breathed deep & tried not to finish his sentences. see how i'm the adroit prince? malefic face is under the tablecloth. i'll pull it out right before i get off the stage. & then all you motherfuckers will know what the hayyoth & the hecaloth are capable of producing.

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