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so i went to the physical therapist. well, almost. i got lost along the way, but found my way back & only ended up fifteen minutes (00:15) late. all of which is academic. because despite doctor (dr.) volshteyn going to bat (^o^) for me, there seems to be once again some insurance/medicaid/pay-me-in-cash/pig-in-a-poke. right now they are saying twenty to thirty dollars ($20.00-$30.00) per session & fifty dollars ($50.00) for the doctor. which i'm pretty sure means seventy to eighty dollars ($70.00-$80.00) per session, which is pretty unacceptable. especially since i am getting the vibe that they mean "masotherapy," which i trust alot less than ultrasound. ultrasounds are science. fuck homeopathy. more like homopathy. so my gut instinct now is to ask them if they can bill me, & if not, just decline. if they bill me, it can go in the medicaid folder. if not, eighty bucks ($80.00) three (3) times a week to let a stranger knead my face like dough is uncool.

jenny went out last night & had a great time. & i am really glad about that, because i feel like less of a burden of sometimes she gets out. if her life, including me as a semi-invalid, is fun, then i'm likely to reap the benefits. but now some boy she thought she'd befriended is apparently hitting on her via email. which, whatever, i don't mind? i know jenny's mine, & that she's perfectly capable of handling some guy. when you date hot girls, boys try to hit on them. i can't blame the guy. though i could "blame" him with my fists. i guess its just worth mentioning because it makes me wish my face was on straight. i should have been able to go out with her last night. i want her to go out & have fun, but also i want to go out & have fun. i want to go out with her & have fun.

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