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where is ray spangler when you need him.

i am typing one handed right now. because my hand is a hook, or a claw. i am an urban legend, or pirate king. i have a world view in which it is axiomatic that virtually no one besides myself is an actual self-contained entity. even if i wanted to postulate feelings & thoughts for others, i couldn't. i am incapable of ascribing real thoughts to the vast majority of people. the flagrant manipulation of lackluster nobodies for my own entertainment is the order of the day. but i am pretty cool with that. sometimes i just like to poke & prod at this thing me. if i point a finger at my self & say "sociopath" do i suddenly start doubting my entire litany of wicked deeds? the answer is no. but thanks for playing. circle gets the square.

hahahah i am only nice as long as i have dungeons & dragons to think about.
i am so great. its like i have an internal switch somewhere inside my skull. turned one way, & i can only feel transient happiness through the amusing misfortunes of others. crank that baby the other direction though, & as long as i can spend my free time thinking about the new 3.5 damage reduction mechanics, i'm an okay guy to know. everybody is just as real to me as 6 statistics. if i meet you on the street i assume you are an npc. killing you might get me into trouble with the town guard. i hate the fucking town guard & how they always seem to know it was you. its a world of npcs & i'm a fucking antipaladin. fucking great.

yeah, i have a hook for a hand.

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