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so after work, jenny went to an art opening with amete & jen. & they all say hi, which sucks because i want to go to an art opening & see people. but i got my face broken so i can't. i don't actually care about art, but experiance has taught me that art openings stock alchohol. gordon gano & rumi the sufi write about getting drunk with the wistfulness of sobriety, so why can't i? instead of going out i stayed in & watched television, jumping around during the commercial breaks shouting "television television television!"

eventually though my girlfriend came home, drunk & smelling like smoke. drunk & adorable as small sprites which can fit inside milkweed pods. so i took her to the bedroom & i undressed her. then we had sex. then we waited a little while & had sex again. it isn't often that both of us come more than once. so thats pretty exciting. then we had a water fight & she went to sleep. i woke up & thought about the trifecta of cathedra/gorget/diadem. if the majority of my magic systems are based on onotology, what does that say about the state of my brain? it says: fuck my brain, m is not a matter of organics or dualism. for the seid, it breaks down to onus.

i think thais is getting me a krakkagar t-shirt!

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