mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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one day i will be able to HARNESS THE POWER OF SPACE. space, you see, has a terrible power (do you stairs in your house?). sun, i will see you blotted out. i will see dragonsnaps gather dew on your endless sunspots. imagine being choked to death with the black piano key monoliths of clarke's dreams while the man's own immune system rises up against him. we all die by the betrayal of flesh, buried in shallow graves.

more people know who the hamburgler is than emperor norton. this is your savage garden; this is my angel's gaol, my demiurge imbroglio. the i-ching reads 23 23 23, the coins spin 666 & i say again this savage garden i will slash & burn. stargazers will read of bad dreams in astrological morse code. here i come, custer, here come the woodwose people.

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