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ladies love cool mordicai (ll cool m).

or: do cyborgs dream of bionic sheep?

it was the psychopomp, goatlike & mewling, who spoke first, as recorded in the annals:
"thy cup runneth over, a black azathioprine cocktail, fit for your hallowed mechanisms, sire. the cybernetic stigmata of your bones will be claimed part & essence of your organics, sealed to you with the covenant of alchemy. & lo, it will be the marvel of all the gods, as you pass into the consecrated places of game theory. from your glass throne you will rule the nymphomation, from your razorblade throne you will rule the cobralingus engine. queen hobart of england will share her crayons with you, & fraggle with rock with you."

& all the kerubim gnashed their teeth, & were wroth.

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