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so i guess the argument was about being responsible, at least once the recriminations & venting was boiled away. having a variety of resumes written up when jenny got home seemed to ease her worries, & it easied mine as well. of course, now i'm a-wash in doubts again, but those doubts are in specific- how to iterate my resume, for example. i guess i want four basic types of resumes. well, three types, & one that is more like a shot fired in the dark. the first three will be the "menial" (meant for any job, anywhere), the "smart" (meant for any job that actually wants a promising applicant), & the "geek" (for comic book shops, gaming stores, whatever). if the geek angle actually paid off, i'd basically be the happiest little m you've ever seen.

oh, & the fourth resume is the "writer geek" resume: i'm thinking i'll apply to, for instance, wizards of the coast a an online content generator. & put my hat in the ring as far as collaborative projects go for other gaming sites. i guess i'll need writing samples; that ought to be intresting. i guess i just have to apply & see what happens. if anybody has prefrences out of things they've seen written in my livejournal that i could polish up, please give a holler.

the internet really came out in droves for the assist: all kinds of motherfuckers sending me resumes & advice. its weird to be kind of cool on the internet, but also kind of rad to find out that your internet friends are actually your friends. so mad props to the internet. actually seeing what people had written down was pretty handy. plus, why didn't anyone tell me that the resume was only supposed to be a page long?

jenny & i had highschool sex last night. i mean, we totally did the transition from sitting on the bed talking, to laying on the bed cuddling, to that sort of roaming hand cuddling, to the half kissing of having your open mouth & breathing on someone's neck? then onto really kissing, then to roaming hand kissing, then to lying on top of her kissing, then to grinding kissing, then to partial clothing removal, etc? so now i want to have fights all the time.

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