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i really don't want to be the guy who prefaces everything with "my girlfriend & i." sometimes it sounds like it is, but considering things, its more a commment on my circumstances than anything else. locked up inside the apartment all day with few friends or connections in the city, a big chunk of my social interaction is jenny. when i get better & start meeting people i'll have more baskin robbins variety in my diary.

for the longest time, i've been disdainful of friendster. i mean, i was already convinced into having a makeoutclub profile one time. & really, if i'm going to be cliquish & obsessed about a website, thats what i have the livejournal for, i figured. well, ranai reminded me that friendster exsisted, & that i have nothing better to do than be on the internet trying to meet new york people to be my friend. so, i have making a friendster account, email address "mordicai@" i just hope "activity partners" doesn't mean like, gerbiling or something, because i clicked it.

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