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while i'm on the subject (while i'm drunk). i think it is important to bear in mind some of the lessons of semantics so easily forgotten (i am stalling for time). for instance; a thing cannot be occult unless the subject is occluded; even if al-azzy's necronomicon was the thing you can find in barnes & noble's "alternative religions" section, it would cease to be occult through virtue of the fact that it, for instance, has paper back additions (haha, i am deeply influenced by lovecraft, but only on a second hand basis).

so instead i will fill you in on something most people don't know (i have a secret!).

there is a heaven, but there is no god, nor any sort of divinity or supernatural ascendant, whether we're talking taus-i-melek or the buddah. the thing most people would call god is closer to the whole "native american" so-called dweller on the threshold (homesick). mostly, this doesn't matter (lonely). mostly, heaven isn't for you; mostly, heaven is empty for a reason (homesick). the best answer i can come up with only start after the dweller has been killed (forget what i said earlier. god is real & deicide is the only answer).

papyrus is the single most important export of new guinea. though the average wage-earner in new guinea makes only one dollar american ($1.00) each day, through american bussiness subsidies provided by stationary companies & by taxing the guaranteed income of bob gamorgabee's aboriginal employment act, the government recieves more income per capita than any other country in the world as of the 2002 world book entry comparison. in may of 2003, harold chesme bought 50 acres of land in jakarta, including a summer home that can only be described as a "palace." despite being under united nations censure as a representative for personal misfeasence, harold's purchase entirely subsidized by the government as "abassatorial expenses."

if this is the sort of thing going on in even the westernized pacific isles, something needs to be done. the same organization that did the cold war's nuclear clock have said that "the rammifications of the western world's laize faire interaction with micronesia & indonesia will result in catastrophe in china's economy." the article then goes on to quote helmut kohl & mikhail gorbachav both; the former saying that if forced to adopt a micronesian paradigm, he could understand the actions of hitler, the latter saying that he could see no result to the micronesian undercutting short of an open conflict with china. both leaders say that only a visible american intervention can avert disaster. so my question is: WHAT KIND OF INTERVENTION?

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