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what the fuck?

Q: don't you have anything better to do than update your livejournal all day?
A: no, fuckface, i don't. i'm fucking rapunzel, dig? get square with it.

jenny's mentioned the protrubance of her pubic bone to me. not that i need extra excuses to think about her that way, but for some reason it was on my mind just now & i remembered something. i remember being pretty young & seeing, i dunno, like the sports illustrated swimsuit issue or something. & all the girls had little bumps between their legs. just, you know, mounding. now its pretty clear that they wern't hiding anything unusual in their bikinis, but at the time i was utterly baffled, & probably a little bit sickened. i couldn't understand it, because my understanding of sexual anatomy was limited to "boys stick out, girls go in." the end.

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