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john g. raped & murdered your wife (lolol).

dear east europe. what the fuck is wrong with you. seriously. i mean, you've got the whole works of fucked up guys. you are the buffet of flesh, & i do not mean that in a pr0n way. kidding aside; what is up with dracula? frankenstein? the fucking tzimisce were not invented in a vaccuum, comrades. i mean, don't think i'm hatin'. fuck no, you sallow fuckers gave me half my genes! i wouldn't go bragging about that quite yet though; i'm the kind of asshole who ends up on the list right between the count & franky. i just gotta say re: this plastic surgeon cat? his name is doctor fucking volshteyn. i'll point out this was his plan: step one. cut open my face, cut open inside the orbit of my eye (under the lids), cut open inside the soft places of my mouth. step two. cut all the flesh, muscle, & connective tissue away from the bone & leave it disconnected for a few hours. step three. rivet the bones backtogether with titanium. thanks, you ghoulish cocksucker!

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