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liquor & me, the tommorow people.

so, fuck george lucas. i mean, i'm psychologically incapable of of saying fuck star wars, but you know what? the trilogies of today are the lord of the rings & fucking the matrix. this is basically brought on by me finally seeing a tv spot for revolutions. i don't care about the obligitory keanu reeves dissing, or talking trash about the zion rave scene. the matrix is sweet, the end. dudes are all jumping around n' shit, busting out kung-fu, gun-fu, wizard-fu, whatever. & then there are all these other dudes like dodging bullets, possessing people, turning incorporeal. & everybody is dressed up all subacultua. its pretty fucking awesome. & i'm not even going to talk about lotr. i'm not even. dude, there are movies about THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

plus i have a girlfriend who wakes me up so i can take my medicine, because she loves me.

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