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interweb quiz!!!1

If you were a movie, what would your soundtrack be?

Opening Credits: portishead- "theme from to kill a dead man"
Dreaming About Someone Scene: liz phair- "flower"
Waking Up Scene: bjork- "hyperballad"
Mellow Scene: blackalicious- "a 40 oz for breakfast"
Driving Scene: soul coughing- "bus to beelzebub"
High School Flashback Scene: bad religion- "hooray for me"
Nostalgia scene: postal service- "the district sleeps alone tonight"
Nightclub/Bar Scene: they might be giants- "man its so loud in here"
Friend Scene: guided by voices- "my valuable hunting knife"
Love Scene: the magnetic fields- "yeah! oh yeah!"
Break-up Scene: neutral milk hotel- "oh comely"
Sad, Breakdown Scene: modest mouse- "broke"
Regret Scene: tricky feat. pj harvey- "broken homes"
Contemplation Scene: johnny cash- "big iron"
Walking Scene: john williams- "the imperial march"
Bitter, Angry Scene: radiohead- "climbing up the walls"
Fight/Action Scene: sweet- "ballroom blitz"
Chase Scene: absolute silence. no score, no music. just tires squeeling & gunfire.
Death Scene: nirvana- "tourettes"
Funeral Scene: godspeed you black emperor- "rockets fall on rocket falls"
Closing Credits: the pixies- "holiday song"

i had to rearrange the order of the scenes, & this is just off the top of my head, but there you have it. i guess the death scene is pretty fucking messy, starting off with the bad ass approach, the weirdo menace, the west side story fight scene, the grim mobile gunfight, then the thrashing denumonte. bet on a closed casket funeral, i think.

i have an appointment with dr. volshteyn tommorow to see whether i warrent ultrasound treatment or not. i'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed for "not," because i don't have $500 to drop on each of the 5 to 6 sessions i'd need. anyhow, facially, i've been in a weird area. because i'm starting to feel better, which means anytime something goes wrong, i greak out that my face is falling off. like earlier today i was wigging out, thinking that the stitches in my mouth were coming undone & that flaps of skin were hanging off the inside of my mouth. it turns out that it was just a piece of chilli i had eaten earlier, & the blood i'd gotten on my probing q-tip was probably just a result of the probing. i'm going to try to be less adventuresome about my eating habits till i'm more comfortably with the recovery process. so i'll be attempting to keep to liquids a little more strictly.

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