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i've got the ache on me like you ain't seen nothing yet. my shoulders are practically driven into notches with all the stored up hurt. in my dreams i speak about the door of fire. i dream real heavy about entry wounds displayed in the soft fleshy palate, fired through open mouths. in waking life i decide that lyncanthrope, if used as a subtle essence, is the answer to a creative dilemma. that is: the spellchecker thinks i'm talking about akrikaaners but i know i'ma talking about a woodwose. owen & i- i started reading robert jordan's crossroads of twilight. & while heavens can be sure i've gotten that odd batteryacid enthusiasim for the series long since out of my blood, every so often he throws in a thimble of some really alright fiction. though i'm seriously dreading getting to any of the parts with the girls in it. ten bucks ($10.00) says they fold their arms beneath their breasts & sniff disdainfully!

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