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slowly as the species came into its own, it began spewing waste into the air. at first only a little here, a little there, it was not long before the pollutants began killing off other species. many forms of life were driven extinct by a chemical waste so potent that many metals corroded simply through contact with it in the air. such an astonishing level of corrisive gases went into the atmosphere that sulfides began to break down & sulfates to wash into the ocean as run off. eventually the levels of waste in the atmosphere began to taper off, but even this only resulted in a plateau of the toxin levels.

yes, 2.3 billion years ago marked the start of the largest pollution of the atmosphere in the history of life- the evolution of cynobacteria & other photosynthetic forms of life, eventually culminating in a change from a predominately oxygen free "reducing" atmosphere to the oxygen saturation of the age of the dinosaurs, raising as high as 30%, though currently hovering at 21%.

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