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you know what rules? poking dead things that have washed up on river banks. thats one thing i'll miss about the good old cuyahoga running right through kent. tear down the waterfall though motherfuckers- now that i'm gone, there isn't any need for it. (i needed it for casting my spells of spite & hatred over the region. also, as a landmark for when i rode the amtrack.)

boy isn't my life exciting. i went to sleep at four in the morning (4:00am), just stewing in my own ichor. today though, today i actually left the apartment. i got the newly revised (3.5) players handbook (phb) at compleat strategist. i really like that store- everyone seems very polite & competant & when you don't need them they argue about whether or not various tactics count as treason in the board game they were presumably playing last night. the guy at the counter sighs, says he has had a long day, but that tonight he gets to game. its my kind of kitten. cleaner, & with a unique smell.

i'm sort of taken with notecards. i have a problem synthesizing a history whole cloth, especially out of thin air, right? so i've been writing down little bits of fictional history as i invent them (which can be harder than it sounds) on notecards, & then putting them into general piles. then, when i get to some intuitive critical mass, i can put them all into some kind of order, & start giving them dates- manufacturing a chronology.

the other idea that i am going to use the notecards for is to write all the dungeons & dragons (dnd) spells that i can get ahold of on them, & then sort them into piles from one to nine (1-9) for each of the "spell" casting classes. i'm sort of going to play it by ear, & with a diffrent philosophy than the original game designers. my goal is to make the more intrusive, suspension of disbelief breaking spells at higher levels. hopefully, that will make them less video game/hack & slash orientated. this is in large part why the new players handbook (phb 3.5) was needed- i know they did alot of rearranging & rewording on the spells in light of the feedback given to them by players- for instance, harm is no longer broken, which gives me some evidence that the changes made were well considered.

i actually responded to one of the fliers on the compleat strategist's corkboard. i guess there is no way to forge connections with the gamer community then to wade through it with a clothes pin on my nose. who knows, maybe i'll get lucky? or maybe i'll just drift from one awful forgotten realms game to another, poaching off players to run in what i'm cooking.

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