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"last change brigade? its probably not a very good name for a rescue mission..."

fighter 6/tinkerer 3/assassin 2
str: 12
dex: 22
con: 14
int: 16
wis: 12
cha: 10 +1d4

fort: +9
reflex: +10
will: +10 (x2)

AC: 19 (23 w/ shield)
HP: 92

sniper rifle
1d12+3(4) 14+ x4

1d8+4 14+ x3

+4 flaming falchion
1d8+2d6+4 19+ x2+2d10

weapon profeciency: gun
weapon focus: gun
weapon speciality: gun
point blank shot
rapid reload
precise shot
create helpful device
read schematic
improve masterwork

2 spells per day
ghost sound/detect poison/spider climb/unholster/change self/obscuring mist

broken ladder goblin
hallowed marshes goblin

craft firearm 6
craft incindiary device 6
appraise 3
alchemy 4
proffesion: hunter 3
spot 10
use rope 2
wilderness lore 3
bluff 8
hide 10
proffesion: soldier 4
climb 2
jump 3
ride 2
swim 3
craft: cook 2
escape artist 3
intimidate 1
listen 1
move silently 8
search 1
knowledge: arcana 1
profession: insect husbandry 2
decipher script 3
read lips 2

i miss you, little buddy. don't worry, i havn't forgotten about you. maybe when i'm real bored next time, i'll translate you into mr. kingtycoon's revised rules set, set your sights at 11th level in his little system. since i am "all set" with my new face! haw haw you sneaky little goblin. do me a huge fucking favor & tell me what a good domain power for the "goblin" domain would be, huh? be a pal, a sweetheart.

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