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dear all gothy motherfuckers who play vampire: the masquerade (malkavian antitribu represent!) or generally like undead-on-undead dramaqueen action: it is not fucking cool to cry tears of blood. it is gross & you get little microscopic flakes of scabs on your face that don't show up till precisely the most disgusting time possible. also, when you dab it with a kleenex, instead of a wet, mostly clean kleenex, you get a bloody biohazard. so i suggest the path of death & the soul or the path of the scorched heart or something like that, just to save on your "ick" factor. seriously, i'm not fucking kidding, bleeding out of your eye is fucking sick.

luckily, i bleed & puss out of my eye! for extra sweet fucking trainspotting points. at least during the day my eye stays open- at night, this alchemical mixture of bodily fluid crusts me up like barnacles on a treasure chest. the kind of treasure chest where you would find it & say "fuck that, its covered in ochre jam/ooze/pudding/etc." yeah, actually, thats just what its like. its like i've taken my first fucking level in oozemaster or thrall of jubilex. & for good measure take 1d6 damage from my slam attack (titanium headbut). ps. sid cobweb fucking rules! metalheads are the wave of tommorows pcs! pps. how much does it cost to enchant my "faceplate of holding my skull together" & what sort of enchantments should i put on it? does it count as a helm, or what? & how does this effect my ability to use the eye of vecna?

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