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here are some photos of me from many moons ago, taken by sullenopiate during our whirlwind tour of the eastern seaboard. dynoflagellates were involved, as well as my first time ever for sushi.

alternately to each of these links, here is the photo album.

nexus 6.
some of me with an albino me take my pleasures from the serpent, replicant lover!

goth ninja.
this is my friend ben bird. he used to come visit me all the time from pennsylvania- his friend moved to ohio, became my friend, then ben visited, & i stole him. he went through alot of morphing while i knew him, which basically meant he changed clothing fashions & would change 1/2 the songs on his mp3 list. the other 1/2 was consistantly rpg music. he sold his car so he could get his entire back tattooed, though, & i lost track of him.

ps. my mouth hurts more often lately. mostly because i can move it, i just can't move it really. roger? like, the healing has begun but the range of motion is stil pretty small. so i'm trying to not like, tear off my lower mandible through vigorous gum flapping.

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