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sheer crookedness.

the clandestine armistice of colour; the abandonment of prism & hue, of shade & shimmer. before anyone knew it, everything was a fetching fade, umbral & black. the deeps were the most unefected, the things there having long usurped the rods of their eyes for better fare. creche's of fiendish things, long concealed, came forth to new strife & bedevilment.

his name is elijah sandalphon. i'm mordacious schadenfreude. we are going to wrestle. cage match.

me & the incarnates, we're your idols. put us on your spaceships like plastic jesuses & we'll guide you home through hyperspace. slot me into your beatitudes, dudes. i'm the pineapple grenade in your sanctuary. i'll usurp all thrones. i'll not be bound by formulae & incantations & other galling hexes. placate me is more like it, with sacrament & sacrafice, or i rebuke & obliterate.

here is the truth of what happened to me. i traveled through time to 1943 where i was tortured. then i returned to this time in order to have the titanium put into my face in order to resist mind control rays. when the invasion by the children of another star comes, i will not be swayed. in 1945 america will drop atomic weapons on japan. i think i was tortured in korea- i challange archeologists to locate the special prison that was used. need further inpho; must ply girlfriend with sweetwords. my pillowtalk is full of candy conversation hearts! one time bjork fell in love with me- she is one freaky chick!

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