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m, demiurge.

okay so now i'm pretty solidly in the land of the damnned. which is to say the land of the bored. & don't give me any crap about only boring people are ever bored, because i'm a fucking prisoner in this broken flesh masque. which by the way i think makes me look worse now than ever. before i looked broken; now i look like an ogre. a cooped up monster. & to make matters worse my inner geek is getting his jones on for the players handbook 3.5 & maybe one other dnd book. like maybe that damn magic of faerun- as a player i didn't get its charm but as a dm i think i'm starting to see why kingtycoon recommended it to me. jenny got me lots of index cards- what i intend to do is write all the spells on a card & then start dealing them out into new spell lists. why is analyze dweomer such a high fucking level? why are fireball & lightning so accessable? i like dnd 3rd ed. alot, but we still have some serious depating of philosophies. nothing a little jiggering won't fix.

the thing is, now i can do something. just so long as it isn't much of something. like, don't people want to get together & play risk or do something low impact? like, i'm up to the challange of hanging out. i'm a juggernaut building back up to speed- who wants to help me throw coal in the fire while i get up to full speed?
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