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ps. my camera is really a bowtie, gaywad.

it turns out i really don't have anything much to say about my morning. it was the first time i've been even slightly functional while leaving the apartment in some time, so you would think i had some kind of papillion i am free willy moment. but i didn't. i went to the hospital, talked to some nice effecient receptionists while being surrounded by lots of hurt people sussurusing in diffrent languages. i thought about titanomachia alot, & the twilight of the gods. finally went in, talked to an effecient & polite nurse, made noises with a med student about forensics. then the doctor came in, man-handled me, left, remembered that he had to cut some stitches. despite everyone saying i wouldn't feel a thing, i did. mostly since the cuts were right by my eye, & there is swelling there. now i have new sensations (re: wind) on pieces of skin who's nerves havn't gotten the memo (re: static of information filters).

i don't understand the diffrence between architecture & digital math. i automatically assume that anything i like is fringe in some way. i don't like fat girls. my left pinkie fingernail is considering, desperately considering, falling off. i keep requesting index cards like i used to ask for composition books. i am embarassed that i might prefer hardcopy rather than pure inpho on many occasions, particularly those that involve organization. because of this i hate my high school english teachers, because i retroactively understand some of what they were trying to teach us to do during our research papers, & because they went about it so back asswards. then i think about how its probably not their fault, since some of them (simmelink, that bitch) could at least think outside of the required curriculm.

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