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i actually closed my back molars this morning. not really meaning too, but that is the lower range of my mouth now- i can close it, though it is within the realm of the uncomfortable. other than that, the swelling doesn't seem noticiably diffrent, though the blues & blacks of my face have all faded into sallow colours. my eyes are ringed with yellow; i'm the vurt tanuki mario! so i guess that is the state of the union of flesh, bone, & metal. tommorow my stitches are supposed to come out- i don't know if that is going to hurt or suck in anyway, since i don't ever remember having stitches taken out. since my face seems to be healing just fine as is, i'm a little bit opposed to the idea, but i imagine that it won't be that big of a deal, at least assuming i can figure out where i am supposed to go to get it done. what the fuck is the "hand clinic?"

oh, i read the death manga, which nineof26 sent with the box of movies. it was alright- cute enough, but other than some nice drawings of everybody & some brief comedy bits, i don't think it needs to go high on anybody's must have list. jill thompson does seem to know what she's doing about the pictures of the endless, no one is disputing that. its the writing that just doesn't hang together.

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