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contact got a bit preachy for me. digital science, & by that i mean the infernal deductive/inductive version that was piped through the chute of academics for ever so long, is really not the issue of debate. this whole faith issue is pretty well cleared up by bayes- i mean, argue & niggle over the bits & pieces, but that framework holds steady. i usually find counter-intuitive science the most charming conceptually, but bayes stands up to common sense & belts it right in the gut. its a good model, & i'm sticking by it. anyhow, consequent to being up to (somewhat) date on issues of scientific philosophy, i spent chunks of this movie agonizing about how their discussions were completely ridiculous. at least when it was the government committee i could believe that people could be that moronic.

so i guess that is my opinion, how ever scattered the expression might be. i found it preachy & the fact that its pithy religion vs. science....or religion &! science?? conundrum was utterly nonsensical sort of bugged me. i can see why antonio liked s.r. hayden so much though; its very much his style. i guess i'm going to watch shakespeare in love now. i never saw it, which is weird since i really enjoy tom stoppard as a rule.

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