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i'm finding out smells that i thought were from me are from my environment- what i thought were the stitches in my mouth were decaying flowers, & the dried blood i thought was in my nose? was just the dried blood from the trash next to me. speaking of general hygene, i've been trying to brush my teeth- that sucks, considering the upper left of my mouth is without feeling. so i'm just careful, & err on cautions side. i rinse with mouthwash after after "meal" & regularly otherwise. i also have been trying to clean my face with cotten pads & astringint. it only works a little bit. oh, & i am unfortunately growing a beard by default, since i am unable to shave. i don't expect i'll keep it, especially since i don't know if it will get in the way of any later face things.

i actually felt like i ate plenty yesterday; i am the new biggest fan of egg drop soup. see, the little eggy chunks are liquidy enough to be drank, so i can drink it & still end up with something solid in my stomach. mostly i think i sort of trust ensure as my staple though- something about the weird synthetic flavours just screams "science" at me, so i feel like i'm at least getting some kind of replacement diet. oh & last night? i didn't take a vicodin from the four o' clock to eight o' clock(4:00am-8:00am) time slot, since i woke up at three thirty (3:30am) & then overslept until six (6:00am). i don't know if that is any kind of news or intresting anomoly though.

both jenny & i are naturally inclined to watch marathons, of almost any sort. sometimes this is funny, like when there is an osbornes marathon on. othertimes it is surprising: who could have guessed that celebrity mole was so entertaining? mostly it is embarassing though, what with road rules & real world. but these past few days, its been great. nineof26 sent us his copy of twin peaks, so we've been watching that as obsessively as an invalid & his attentive caretaker can. i'll tell you, nothing makes a broken face feel better like fingering your girlfriend to an orgasm as leland palmer strangles jacque renault to death on the television.

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