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fuad the bat.

well, i have a date set for the facial reconstruction surgery: tommorow. not sure what time, but they will call me back & tell me when the doctor has a better idea. it will be at methodist, not that i know enough to have an opinion on the hospital they pick- i mean, i figured methodist since that was where i was recomended to this guy. it will cost $2,500 dollars in total, with medicaid picking up the rest of the tab.

still need to get the police report number. the 72cnd precinct doesn't have it, which means that they were right & it was filed at the 66th precinct. the 66th weren't picking up their phones when i called the first time though, so i'll give them a chance to chill out for a little while. then i'll call again, like someone irritating aunt, who always calls them like, 20 times a day.

i had lots of dreams about caligula. except caligula looked like neil patrick harris & kept trying to strangle himself to death by hanging himself from the shower nozzle in bathrooms. lets throw another shrimp on the barbie at the cookout of my subconcious. whoo hoo! the other night i had sexy torture dreams with jenny in them. she was either the nazi inquisitor, a fellow pow, or the daughter of the villiager who had invented the torture device. mostly it was a factor of how dirty she was when she had sex with me, & which one of us was tied up.

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