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big exciting day. the cops came over & took my fuzzy crime report. "the big one looked uh, like an ogre with a face made of lumpy pudding? the uh, little one had his hat on backwards?" i did refrain from calling them "houligans" or "hellions" so i think i should be commended for maintaining my gravitas. did this fufil whatever expectations the plastic surgeon had? frankly, i don't fucking know anymore. jenny called & left a message pertaining to the three factors that concern me now. 1. what he wants from us so we don't have to pay him or pay him as little as possible. 2. when we can schedule the surgery. 3. a refill on my painkillers.

then we watched punchdrunk love. i've watched alot of movies lately, but i'm going to comment on this one. i think this clinched it for me being able to say that i do not like this director. the fact that i am unable to commit to the movie until the very end wrecks it for me. that i can't decide to like it or not until the climax is or isn't bleak & postmodern. i don't really know how to phrase it, but i know what i mean. earlier i watched rushmore. should i feel bad for liking it more now that i like the royal tenebaums a whole lot? because i think i do. maybe i don't idolize 15 years old enough. or maybe having a conversation with kaden while i watched it the first time compromised my enjoyment. which isn't to say i didn't like it then. just that i like it better now. anyhow, fuck it.

i'm drinking this crazy mango juice that jenny got me now. one of the premade things in the fridge is this stuff mixed with yogurt into some sort of ambrosial smoothie. also, now that there is a big thing of mouthwash, i've been able to gargle with some vigour. i don't know if i smell any less rank, but i feel like i'm practicing the best oral hygene that i can given the circumstances. also: i wonder if i will inadvertantly grow a beard. a beard is the sign of manhood! or at least, of not being able to shave. which i am not able to do. i wonder if i will get shaved when they do the surgery. maybe they will shave off an entire eyebrow! that would be wicked.

sometimes i'm so tempted to just start pressing on my face. get a feel for the new typography.

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