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alan cumming vs. flight of the bumblebee.

i'm a slut with a warm belly of potato soup & there is no mistaking that fact. that fack that i fell right off the map of the waking world & into a dream coma for a few hours may have contributed to this sort of back-roads-of-lithuania-hooker feeling. i'm in the grimm's faerietales right next to the girls with wings & the speaking trashheap (the trashheap has spoken! meh!). cross index me with grandmother goose between the silver nutmeg & the clock that told the time. i'm so innoccous these days. keep your head down & try to win big on the health care lottery. though i guess soon i'll be seeing the sparkle of the sherrif's tin badge, & then this two-penny villian me is going to be glad of the free "rubberface" disguise.

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