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so! jenny & i went on adventures (read: she did most of the talking because my face hurt) & it looks like i have temporary medicaid. so that is the good news. it only took like, a trip to the hospital there, a trip to the social security office, a trip home, then a trip back! then they made some photocopies & gave us a letter that meant everything was going to be okay.

but i just talked to the plastic surgeon's assistant, & it looks like i'm not out of the woods yet. he doesn't accept medicaid as payment! the medicaid would cover the anestetics & the hospital room, but thats about it. if paid out of pocket, the surgery is supposed to cost $10,000. so thats no good. then the lady started getting conspiritorial, which was my cue to the fact that now she wanted to talk biz. i guess they can lower the cost to $2,500 "as a courtesy" which is like, awfully fucking polite, huh? & she said what i really need to do is file a police report & get some "victim's" paperwork. like, this will enable the doctor to do my facial reconstruction- maybe then he gets to put the $10,000 as a tax write off, or something? i don't really understand it- i just hope that i understood right when his assistant said "police report + surgery = $0."

i think jenny is enroute to work now, so i will try calling her soon to talk this over with her. i mean, i would rather wait till she came home from work so she could go with me to make the report being as i don't know where to go or anything. also, i stumble when i walk alot. & police stations are open 24 hours, right? i don't know. jenny? made all these soups already for me, & put them in the fridge in like, koolaid containers, labeled "chicken noodle- strained & food processed- just heat up" & things like that. how cute is that?

oh, & as to the matter of the dwindling vicodins, the plastic surgeon is supposed to write me a perscription for those, & then he can either a) call it in, if some event (x) takes place where x is something the assistant can't explain to me, b) write it & fax it or c) write it & i can pick it up at his office.

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