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if i repeat myself it is just because i am sleepwalking since the hospital. no one can tell if the swelling lower on my face has gotten bigger or if the swelling around my eye has gone down. secretly, i am paraoind that if i keep my head in one position for too long, the bones of my face will slide the wrong way like cheese in a vertical pizza box. i keep thinking about the bits of my skull like slices of fruit suspended in grandmother's jello. come on & stitch me up doc so at least when it hurts it means that the crust of the adolecent planet is cooling. lets have less plate tectonics when it comes to my face, huh?

the only other wounds on my body are a bruise on my collar bone & a smashed pinky. the latter from the home of one agenesis, who i hung out with preceeding the incident in question. the casual mr. thefallenoptimist is not what i imagined he would be. anyhow, my hunch is that we hit it off pretty well, so once i get a little bit less phantom of the opera, i hope to hang out with that card shark some more. also, next time he offers me his futon to crash on, i will accept that offer.

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