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my pineapple grenade of a head spent most of yesterday in the hazy soup of 90% asleep.
the swelling around my eye went down & now i look fucking ridiculous. i can only think that my face looks like it took the butt of a rifle. war war war. i'm cheerful sometimes, except when i think about how i still have to figure out medicaid & get surgery. luckily jenny will be with me to help me, so it shouldn't be too bad. oh & the vicodin makes me nauseaus. that isn't so much fun.

i need to figure out some way to keep my teeth clean without being able to brush them.

my lower lip feels like crocodile hide. i'm not sure what my upperlip feels like; it is dead numb. hopefully from swelling & not like, nerve damage or anything like that. at least when this is all over i'll have a killer smirk from only being able to smile with half my face. jenny says she can tell that i'm losing weight already. i don't know. guess what though? getting a gym membership is going to be a little bit higher priority now, & i think i'll seriously curtail my episodes of trying to walk home drunk. other than that though, expect the "m".o. to remain unaltered. i'm not shocked sane or nothing. sometimes a motherfucker gets his ass turfed. friday just happened to be my day.

jenny is reading ender's game. i recomended it to her, & also suggested that she pretend to be a gifted kid in the early days of jr. high while she reads it. i really like that book, but i sort of read it right when i was in the perfect demographic for it. the sequels were a little bit blah, except i did really like jane.

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