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um, so i got beat up really bad for being in the wrong neighborhood. i spent thursday night/friday morning in the hospital getting cat scans (only after telling jenny it was 1943, that in 2 years america would drop 2 nuclear bombs on japan, that i'd been tortured & taken a cyanide capsule). i also threw up alot of blood but it was just from my nose draining into my stomach.

the next day at the plastic surgeon he said he has to cut into my eye socket & my mouth & eyebrow since my occipital ridge is broken in 3 places. when he told me i thought i got an adrenaline rush & became light headed (= no medical insurance) but i guess i passed out & had facial seizures. so they called 911 & i spent friday the day in the hospital too. got more cat scans.

apparently i don't have brain damage. if i want to chew or look to the left ever again though i need facial reconstructive surgery. so um, that sucks. i have to eat liquid foods now, can't laugh or talk too muuch, & um. am in general awfully beat up.

jenny has been absolutely amazing & is taking care of me in ways i didn't even know i could be taken care of. she's fantastic. she even had sex with my busted up self this morning. we've been watching movies all day, with me sometimes passing out from the pain killers.

also, antonio sent me the casing of my lightsaber. then i made my little sister find the pieces of it i left in ohio? she's going to mail them, i will afix my crystals, then i will be hard core darth. like, with extra cybernetic face stuff, too. villians have scars. rock! though i probably won't have visible scars, they will be in my eye & my mouth.

i'm kind of worried about the surgery, but at least when my face hurts it will be because i am healing & not because there are bones floating in my face. tuesday i am going to try to get medicaid. um, yeah. i'll scan the cat scans when i get a chance, & we took a few photos of my busted up face.

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