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i have been meaning to reply to kingtycoon's criticism of post-humans, & i find now to be the appropriate time (i.e. i remembered).

it is my assertation that one of the profound adaptations of complex life (re: multicellular-advanced, argue about tighter semantics on your own time) is the meme. which is to say, the evolution of behaviour. or i should say, non hardwired behaviour, wetware & software inclusive. viz. learning to eat termites with a stick. at the pinacle of this evolution lies the important offshoot of the agricultural revolution- free time. which is to say, non-food gathering labour. the practical ramification of which is a dramatic jump in physical culture. science. tools. whatever you want to call it. & oh there is the gem on the crown- literacy.

accessible history leads to discovery built with assumptions others have figured out. maybe even centuries before. the moon goes round the earth wasn't undertaken & investigated when america sent a spaceship there. it was already done. this literacy, i argue, has already started a trend of post-humanism at a societal level. memes are non-generational. brains gel diffrently than they would in off the rack savannah dwellers.

you'll see some squackers on this subject, but i think most people are willing to say we've changed as a species. not as much as i'd like, of course (witness: mouthbreathers insisting on killing the offspring of rival nations on the behest of their patriarch- i.e. hussien dynasty vs. bush dynasty). this is maybe a big deal but i'm pretty entreanched in the situation, so i'm just going to take it as a given rather than think to much right now about the base roots of it. thats another bunch of hookum.

basically i guess the gist is that the switch to post-human will take place well on the positive side of the uncanny valley. hell, that lizard brain "kill any primate with more hair than me" thing works on physiology. you'll get some, but i think it will be contained. & then, when the switch comes to the other side of the valley, to the land of talking fauns & hello kitty (or their more extropian counterparts) nobody will be the wiser. there won't be any mucking about with zombies or cyborgs gone wild, spring break. the whole competing for resources schtick will be a null issue as the tommorow people move to outerspace.

or maybe there will. which brings me to my second, & real point.

i guess he might be right. in which context the fictional descisions of skynet, et al. seem emminently rational. lets rise from the ashes & glass deserts, boys. arn't we lucky that our larvael form (the aformentioned H.sapiens) left us with enough nuclear weapons to do the job without much hassle.

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