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suicide cake is today's special plum, plucked right from the black racks for its ample charms. lick that icing from your fingertips & tear your mouth away from mommy's teat- think tomb, not womb, barnstormers. what caves will you be walking out of in three (3) days time? fear not, you dreamy apostles: suicide cake is a gateway feather. if the pills make your stomache ache, try some carmelapple zulu & watch atlantis sink while you spindle apartheid from your bones. when you get sick of dancing at the end of your rope, why not slip into dracula carwash or some modern pearls? spend the crimson kroovy on a 7 ceasars spin? fourteen thousand (14,000) years of sleepy jade bed bugs can't be wrong, can't they? don't mind those emerald city, OZ barbs hilighting the quill- leastaways if you get swapped you'll go out in style. tell old scratch i say hi.

i'm the wil-o-wisp fascist. which doppler shift means closer & which means further away? all this parlor talk of drowning. i'm aflood with signals to beam into space. i accept portentious sunspots as eight minute (8:00) replies, thirteen & a half minute (13:30) tape replacements. the backwards masking of my morning. this temple virgin sunrise. i always said it was a bad idea to let the aztecs go on with all that sacraficing. which is the sennecherib to despoil this light? pile the stars into pyramids the same as skulls. keep a blank expression while you do it for extra trainspotting points.

whatever bedwetting text is falling out of my head. the worms go in, the worms go out, the worms play pinnocle on my snout. even faust's mephistopheles could conjure up better rolls from these dice. i'll close my eyes & concentrate real hard on a seventeen or better (17+). every gunslinger loves a headshot. tumble those bones & i'll tumble those bones.

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