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oar eye.

today's flight is a toytown favorite called black nanite sutra, but some players know it better as swarm. like all my favorites, its a sparkling canary yellow- rumplestilskin's gold-spun straw (& a little bit inky & a little bit pinky, for that pac-man powerpill seeping jolt of epenipherin & pheremones). this feather is the proof that science makes good drugs. as all good ghosts know, science makes fierce weapons as well, so don't grab this tuxedo's coat-tails if you havn't got the skill & the worth. the guileless should steer clear: all flesh is paper to these honey bees.

when takashi was young, he liked to watch the tire fires in hell's kitchen at night, hiding in the junkyard streets.

even the idea of concentration makes me head into a lead-paned aquarium, everything swimming in lampless depths. suspended in dark waters, all i can feel are the slow moving collosal displacements of water- some cyclopean marine creatures threading their paths heedless of my little blot of identity. if i could see, i would notice an ocean floor littered with countless houdini's in bank vaults & milk cans, even as i know overhead, above the water, the sky is criss-crossed with a latticework of jimmy hoffa bridges. i sleep with the fishes every night, sent there by the mafia of my nightmares. houdini in a coffin, innards ruptured (tycho) by the blunt trauma of hands.

i stick by my guns regardless.

(national geographic, august 2000. page 69. photo.)

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